Picasa template for Slide.Show

Slide.Show Slide.Show is an open source Silverlight 1.0 control. You can use it for publishing very customizable photo slideshows on the Web. It was initially created by Vertigo but it is now hosted as a project on CodePlex.

Although it is highly customizable it does not provide a way to add photos easily. Manually editing an XML file is not for everyone. There are tools available like the “Data & Image Generator for Slide.Show“. But this still has the problem that it you have to add a collection of photos.

In the past I figured out how the whole templating stuff in Picasa works and worked on the Picasa templates for SimpleViewer and PostcardViewer. So I thought wouldn’t it be nice to have an option “export as webpage” that would generate the “data.xml” file for Slide.Show.

The Picasa plugin generates not only the “data.xml” file but a full Slide.Show slideshow. It is only a sample slideshow and you can use it as it is or customize it however you want. The main goal of this plugin was to provide an easy way to generate the  “data.xml” file from the place where I manage my photos. You can donwload the plugin here.

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